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Local law enforcement reacts to officers killed : "Law enforcement is a big family"

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A somber day for officers here in Iowa, as losing two of their own hits too close to home. Even in light of tragedy, local law enforcement is standing together, staying strong. 

"You know, and it's a tragedy, you just can't explain the feeling you have when you hear something like that," said Cedar Falls Police Chief Jeff Olsen. 

For officers, it's the reminders of support that keep them going. The Independence Police Department received a box of cupcakes with the words every officer needs the most: "We love you." 

Officers received an outpouring of support from the community, but also made every effort themselves to stay strong. 

Outside the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office, flags were lowered at half staff in memory of both Sergeant Anthony Beminio and Officer Justin Martin. 

"I've heard people say, well officers, law enforcement officers in the country sign up to do this," said Waterloo Police Chief Dan Trelka. "Yes, we do. Our families don't. And these incidents impact our family as well."

But even when tragedy strikes their own, they're still there. Officers came into work today to show their support, not only for the two officers that they lost, but for the job they do every day. 

Waterloo Police Chief Trelka reminded his officers that they can wear a mourning band on their badges to show support for their brothers who were tragically killed. 

Officers remembering brothers just like them, who were more than just an officer to their community. As they walk into work, Sheriff Tony Thompson says their titles as law enforcement is much more.

"All these hats, all these roles, all these professional applications that we have to assert each and every day," said Sheriff Thompson. "That's tough enough. But now, just sitting in your vehicle you're a target. Or walking out of my Sheriff's Office you're a target. It's already a hard enough obligation and duty that we perform to begin with."

Chief Trelka says he's planning on sending Waterloo officers for the funeral services for the fallen officers. 

"Law enforcement is a big family, and we recognize when one suffers, we all suffer," said Sheriff Thompson.  

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