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Iowa Senate District 30 candidates discuss campaign

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Results of many tight state races will play out election day.

The race for Iowa Senate District 30 makes up portions of Black Hawk County.

Incumbent State Senator Jeff Danielson and candidate Bonnie Sadler are running.

Business owner and Republican candidate Bonnie Sadler serves on the Iowa Alliance Home care Board, and she said she brings a background in health care and business to the table.

"I feel like I have a good understanding of how the system works, and where the patient best wants to be. They want to be at home and receive the most therapies they can at home, and it's the most cost effective," Sadler said.

But, Cedar Falls fire fighter and Navy Veteran Jeff Danielson said that's not the type of person Iowans need.

"We have to improve in Iowa, and we need a comprehensive plan for mental health services," Danielson said.

Danielson said he supports infrastructure improvements like new roads and bridges to help grow the economy.

"But also, we need to work on a skilled workforce. Iowa is in a war for talent not only here in America but around the world, and so if we invest in Iowans in education and 'upskill' them to keep up with the modern workplace, we'll be just fine," Danielson said.

But, Sadler said the current tax code needs simplified to attract new business.

"When people spend less on taxes, they have more money to spends, save and invest, it actually broadens the tax base and brings money in from different sources," Sadler said.

With most voters focusing their attention on the 2016 presidential race that's just as big as the campaign signs, both state senate candidates say they want to focus on issues that matter to Iowans within their district.

However, Jeff Danielson makes it clear he's voting for Hillary Clinton, but Bonnie Sadler says she wants to keep that information to herself, at least for now.

"I will be voting, I'll definitely be voting," Sadler said.

"You just don't want to share who you're voting for," KWWL Reporter MacLeod Hageman asked.

"Right, no not right now," Sadler said.

"There are those of use who would like a Clinton economy again of the late 90's, and I think she's (Clinton) is prepared to do that," State Senator Danielson said.

Jeff Danielson currently serves Senate District 30.

He has been in the position for three terms.

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