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Grandma and grandson's story on KWWL gets them to the World Series

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UPDATE: Back from Wrigley: A die-hard Cubs fan and her grandson tell us all about their trip to the World Series.

Earlier this week, KWWL talked with life-long Cubs fan 82-year-old Rosie Youngblut and her grandson Alan. Their story with us caught the attention of many people, including a Cubs player's girlfriend who wanted to make sure they were at Wrigley.

Little did Rosie know, Rob Zastryzny's girlfriend Natalie Sanchez was about to surprise her and Alan with two tickets to Game 3 at Wrigley.

Rosie says, "I think it's finally starting to sink in, what really happened to me."

Natalie gave Rosie and Alan tickets in section 200, right above home plate.

"I was just so overwhelmed, in a state of shock," Rosie says.

When the game starts, Rosie is all business. She knows each and every player, even bringing her rosaries to Chicago putting them on each player's picture up to bat.

And her late sister and husband, who she got her Cubs love from, well she says they have the best seat in the house.

"They were there...they were there. Everyone was a part of putting this all together," Rosie says.

All thanks to Natalie and Rob.

Alan Trebon says, "We are more thankful than anything in this world, because it was an experience of a lifetime."


Rosie Youngblut has been going to Cubs game since she was a young girl.

"One of the best feelings is going into church and then Wrigley Field is right there behind that," she says.

She got it from her older sister Janette, the biggest Cubs fan in the family. Sadly, she passed away last year. One of Rosie's favorite memories with her was celebrating her birthday at Wrigley Field.

She says, "A whole group came up and sang happy birthday to her and then everyone came and took our pictures because they thought we were celebrities or something."

And that love for the game has been passed down to Rosie's 11 kids, who have passed it on to their kids. Her grandson Alan took her to a few playoff games this year, including Saturday's clincher.

Alan says, "It means more to her than it does to me, but being there with her...that's what really counts."

A memory for the whole family that will last a lifetime.

World Series tickets are VERY expensive, so Alan actually started a GoFundMe page titled "Get Grandma Youngblut to the World Series." It has raised more than $500 dollars at this time.

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