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Eastern Iowa woman accused of stealing thousands from employer

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An Iowa woman from Harpers Ferry is accused of stealing money from her job.

"What you see is her opening the cash register, and pretending to enter a sale into the register, but she opens it and takes a bunch of 20's and 100's out," said Pie Donahue, owner of Donahue's One Stop in Harpers Ferry.

The amount taken over a four year period was staggering. "We believe that she took between 250 and $279,000  over four and a half years," she added.

At first Donahue didn't suspect this, but after installing hidden cameras and finding out her former employee Shawn Kiley was taking the money, she felt betrayed.

"We were just nauseous. We thought she was a really good employee because she was always willing to work. She always offered to work weekends and holidays," she said.

The Donahue family kept losing money. They even had to borrow from the bank to keep the business afloat.

The ongoing theft devastating the family financially.

"We had to refinance our farm, and borrow a total of $325,000 to keep the business going," the family said. 

That's not the end of it. Donahue says she also had to cash in her retirement. It also caused a lot of tension within the family because they were all trying to figure out where the money was going. 

According to court records, Kiley is charged with first degree theft. Kiley's excuse, according to Donahue, is that she's a single mother who needed to support her kids. 

We're told her attorney is pushing for a lesser charge, however the Donahue family says a lesser charge is not enough.

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