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Paranormal Investigators and KWWL explore Edinburgh Manor

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Science versus the supernatural.

Cedar Rapids Paranormal Investigations is all about finding answers. 

If people think they're dealing with ghosts, the team will look around, free of charge, to figure out what's going on. 

They tell non-believers to keep an open mind. 

In honor of the Halloween season, KWWL teamed up with the paranormal investigators to get a closer look at what they do.  

We explored Edinburgh Manor in Jones County.  The manor shut down in 2010. It was once a poor house, a mental institution, and a home for the mentally ill.

People have said they heard doors closing on their own inside the building, plates being thrown, footsteps, and even music.

"It's incredible to be in a place like this, and to just know that as we're talking, there could be somebody over there listening to us," lead investigator Scott Johnston says. 

The team uses tools that can pick up sounds and motions we can't see or hear on our own. For example, they use motion detectors, voice recorders and infrared lights. 

Cedar Rapids Paranormal Investigations has been around for almost two and a half years. 

If you would like to reach out them, you can visit their website here or their Facebook Page here

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