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Students learn about forensic science through crime scene reenactment

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A serial killer getting dragged away by police.

This isn't a real incident -- it's a reenactment. The University of Wisconsin-Platteville recreating a horrific crime scene.

"It's a little gruesome to look part with open guts, but at the same time it's really fascinating to see," said Tayte Hunter, a UW-Platteville student.

Bloody hand prints on the walls and bodies on the ground is part of the evidence. This exhibit recreating a scene that actually happened in the past.

It tells the story of Richard Chase. "The guy who committed the crime, he was nicknamed the 'Vampire of Sacramento,' he was actually drinking these people's blood," said Anthony Kalsch of McHenry, IL.

Visitors walking through this house trying piece the clues together and getting insight into what first responders do in real life. "Gathering as much information, and then realizing you can't really solve everything from a crime scene your first chance," said Elisa Wills, forensic liaison for the UW-Platteville Criminal Justice Association.

Students enjoying the experience and walking away with lessons learned. "One part I was reading, he would look for unlocked doors...lock your doors. People need to lock their doors," added Hunter.

The Horrific Crime Scene Revisited event is held every year by the university.

About 200 visitors attended this weekend. 

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