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Trump and Clinton neck-in-neck in Iowa

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As Hillary Clinton's email scandal seems to come back to life Donald Trump battles to win Iowa.

With Election Day nearly a week away millions of voters have already cast their ballots absentee.

"You see a larger number of voters saying they are voting against the other candidate, rather than for a particular candidate," said Political Analyst, Dr. Chris Larimer.

Doctor Larimer says the latest Quinnipiac Poll shows a virtual tie right here in Iowa

"It's significant in that it's the first polling in Iowa in over two and a half weeks," said Dr. Larimer. "It's significant in the extent to which it shows a dead heat between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump in Iowa at 44% and 44%."

Doctor Larimer says Trump needs to win Iowa. While Clinton seems to be focusing her resources on other states.

"For the Clinton campaign, up until this weekend, there were multiple projections that she was on pace to win 330, 340 or 350 electoral votes without Iowa," said Dr. Larimer. "Iowa was almost irrelevant for their campaign, if she lost Iowa, yeah she loses the swing state, but it's a swing state that she is able to over come by winning North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania and several others."

Doctor Larimer says Trump could be in trouble.

"If the polls are right he absolutely needs to win Iowa," said Dr. Larimer. "He needs to win every state that's out there. I do think Donald Trump is in trouble going forward in terms of his probability of winning."

All while Hilary Clinton battles her looming email scandal, once again.

"You're gonna have Hilary Clinton supporters who are going to be frustrated by what the FBI is doing," said Dr. Larimer. "It's not going change their mind, this is an issue that gets a lot of attention and I doubt it's going to persuade many people to go from being a Clinton supporter to a Trump supporter."

Doctor Larimer says he thinks most voters already made up their minds due to the negative attitudes from all parties.

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