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Grandfather speaks out against drunk driving in grandson's memory

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An area grandfather is speaking to students four years after his grandson was killed in a drunk driving accident. 

Mark Bigler's spoke to students in grades 7-12 at Nashua Plainfield High School today, and many of those students were visibly touched by his story. 

Five-month-old Drake Bigler was killed in a drunk driving accident. Mark, his grandfather, attempted to show students what that loss felt like.

"There's a knock at the door, when that door opens a law enforcement officer has to say to your parents, 'I'm sorry your son your daughter has died'," said Mark.

Mark asked the students if they want their families to go through that pain, if they chose to be irresponsible.

Mark also talked about the day he heard similar news, "I got the call and you know it's that call that any parent would dread."

"You're not supposed to out-live your children, what are you going to do to protect each other?" Mark asked 300 students.

Mark is not the only family member who shares Drake's story, his son, Drake's dad, also travels to schools, carrying on his son's legacy.

"The drunk driver was only a mile from home when he started his trip and people around him did not have the courage to take away his keys or protect each other because they thought, it's only one mile, well you go drive one-hundred yards and it's too far," said Mark.

That mile took five-month-old Drake's life.

"Every family is going to go through heart ache, but this type of heartache is preventable," said Mark.

Mark is hopeful his families efforts and Drake's story can impact students.

"I mean alcohol and teenagers, alcohol and anyone, if you're not safe about it, you make bad choices," said Mark. "Hopefully these kids who hear me will make good choices and just refrain from drinking."

The school mentioned they have started counseling for those who have started drinking early or know someone who has. 

The family created "Courage for Drake" to help teach people about the consequence of drinking and driving. For more information on "Courage for Drake" visit

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