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The Mark Farley Interview

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Mark: I felt good I thought our offense was very productive as the score showed. I thought Eli really stepped up to his game and really played well for us I thought the kicking game did well and I thought the defense forced turnovers.

Rick: Starting with Eli, 25-33 passing for 418 yards and spread the love with ten different receivers.

Mark: Eli has a good feel for the game and sees the field well I thought the protection allowed him to see the field and make throws.

Rick: No turnovers and one sack and once again your defense turned them over and scored.

Mark: That's critical we are getting intercepts and we are one of the better teams getting intercepts and there is room to improve with North Dakota State coming top town.

Rick: North Dakota State comes to town had been number one but got knocked off a couple of weeks ago at home to South Dakota State--but they know you well, you know then well --you have played them a lot over the past couple of years..

Mark: And we know each other well it has become a rival football game--back and forth and we went there a couple of times last year so this is always a great physical football.

Rick: And you have faced their quarterback Ethan Stick before very good as a starter lost that one game to South Dakota State...

Mark: He is very good a runner much more of a runner than the other guy who was a thrown--he can throw the ball but he has great speed.

Rick: One thing that your team has done the past few weeks is protected the football no turnovers...

Mark: No we haven't...we teach those things but on game day the athletes have to be focused and instinctive thing that he does because you are trying to make plays so you have to instinctively take care of the football.

Rick: This is a big game for Northern Iowa but they are all big down the line..

Mark: You know we have played all top 25 teams on our schedule..but this may be the biggest of all of them..but we will have to perform well and be very consistent.

Rick: There will be huge crowd at the UNI-Dome and I know the dome has been big for the Panthers especially during the conference season.

Mark: That's what I told the team the other night you have to allow the fans to get into the game too its one thing for them to be there but you to allow them into the game---they came there to give you every opportunity to win so you have to let them into the game by how how you play.

Rick.. It's a night game so there will be a lot of tailgating going on all around the UNI-Dome. What do you think about that?

Mark: It's a six o'clock start so I hope its good four our fans.. and I told people last week the most important thing for me is the fans

because you put all this time and effort in as a player and the most important thing is to have this kind of crowd and be in this type of game--that's why we do what we do.

Rick: Well they will be doing what they do this Saturday against North Dakota State at the UNI-Dome..Good Luck Coach

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