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Manufacturers: That 'close door' button on your elevator makes no difference

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Admit it: when you're on an elevator, you push the 'close' button to speed up the process.

Apparently some experts say this feature has been obsolete since the 1990s, suggesting the button is a complete fake – it will not close the doors any faster.

The New York Times reporting there numerous buttons in the world that do not live up to their name, but are present to make us feel in control.

Karen Penafiel, the executive director of national Elevator Industry, Inc., told the New York Times that, "the Americans With Disabilities Act was passed in 1990, mandating that elevators stay open long enough for someone with a physical disability, such as on crutches or in a wheelchair, to make it inside."

"Although these buttons are useless to the average person, they do perform their proper function for firefighters and maintenance workers – but only with a code or designated keys."

Penafiel says "it is safe to say that a majority, if any, do not have a functioning 'close' button – but the 'open' button works when it is pushed."

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