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Police investigating anti-gay vandalism as "hate crime"

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UPDATE: Police are now investigating this incident as a hate crime after an openly gay candidate reports anti-gay vandalism at his home. 


Chris Schwartz, a candidate for Black Hawk County Supervisor, is openly gay and says his house was attacked with hateful messages. Other campaign signs and even parts of his home were also spray painted. 

The big question: Who did this? Chris Schwartz is blaming a community church group. While that church group, Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ, are saying Schwartz did this for political attention. 

A bible verse is scribbled across Schwartz's front door.

"It's a death threat to my boyfriend and I, which says a man who lies with man shall be put to death," said Schwartz.

Campaign signs in the front yard also vandalized with the same black paint. One sign covered by a vulgar word to describe gay people.

"It's honestly scary," said Schwartz. "This is hatred right at our front door, this is a death threat on our front door."

The couple says their home was clearly targeted in this act of vandalism. The next door neighbors have a Schwartz sign, but it was not vandalized.

Schwartz says this isn't the first time he has been attacked this week. 

"There is a handful of hateful people in this community including The Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ, which have been attacking me on Facebook because of my sexuality, I believe that they have incited this," said Schwartz.

Judd Saul, founder of The Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ points his finger back at Schwartz.

"This is a tactic out of the leftist play book to create a fake crisis to capitalize on it politically," said Saul.

Though Saul says his group was not responsible he has offered to pay for the damages.

"They are pointing the finger at us and we are saying, no we didn't do it, but if somebody is trying to do this in our name that's not what we represent so we've offered to help cover the damages," said Saul.

Chris and his boyfriend say the signs and the vandalism are reminders of all the work they still have to do to change people's minds.

This case is still under investigation.

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