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Iowa National Guard: recovered bonuses shouldn't be a problem here

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Concerns have been mounting since National Guard members found out they might have to give back bonuses they earned.

Some of those worries, though, have been quelled this week. Defense Secretary Ash Carter wants the Pentagon to stop trying to recover bonuses that might be in question.

The Pentagon was trying to collect the bonuses from more than 6,000 California soldiers who were overpaid to enlist and serve in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Leaders of the Iowa National Guard say it shouldn't be a problem in Iowa. They say what happened in California points to more of a problem with the state's system.

"It's a difficult situation to say the least. We're thankful here in Iowa that we don't have those kinds of issues. But it's still difficult to watch other service members go through that kind of agony in some respects and the impact that it has on their lives," Colonel Greg Hapgood said.

The Department of Defense says audits show the California National Guard improperly offered bonuses of $15,000 or more.

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