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PIPAC Centre sold - Bride: "The dream wedding that I had always wanted is no more."

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An event center touted by some as the crown jewel of the Cedar Valley will no longer play host to people's most important moments in life.

As we brought you earlier, the PIPAC Centre is being sold by the owners to Area Education Agency 267 or AEA 267 for $4 million.

The PIPAC Centre has been on the market for 2 years and was originally listed at $6 million.

The sale is good news for the owners of the building Greg and LeaAnn Saul, but for the 20 events booked in 2017, many of them weddings, the sale means they are out a venue.

The PIPAC Centre, a large event space with a view, over the last decade has been host to dream weddings for many Cedar Valley brides.

And that is exactly what Tiffany Brustkern and her fiance believed it would be for them, but on Monday, Tiffany was told she would have to find some place else.

"It was a nightmare. I bawled my eyes out when I found out. It was literally, heart crushing. The dream wedding that I had always wanted is no more," said Tiffany Brustkern.

The Sauls, who own the PIPAC Centre and were running the 2017 bookings, say people knew this was a possibility.

They took over event bookings when Darren Beck, owner of Park Place and Ferrari's Restaurant housed in the building, announced he was severing his ties with the PIPAC Centre at the end of 2016.

"It was gone over with them in the contract; paragraph nine in the contract we had with them. There is a sign out front saying the building is for sale. The building has been for sale for two years, so if they didn't. . . we went over it so," said LeaAnn Saul, co-owner of the PIPAC Centre.

"I remember asking and having my mom ask as well. Just because we had seen it in the news and the article got released shortly before we booked it. We asked them and they said, 'Nope, anything that is booked. We are going to request that the new buyers honor all of those.' So it reassured us that it was a go ahead, like 'Yea, let's book it!' It is a beautiful place. It was my dream wedding place," said Brustkern.

But the new owners won't be renting out the space, the AEA 267 will be making the PIPAC Centre their new headquarters in the Cedar Valley.

"I am sad to see it go because my dream and vision was a great event center for the City of Cedar Falls. As far as the difference, Greg and LeaAnn Saul own PIPAC Centre. We own PIPAC Health and PIPAC Life. Darren, ran Park Place. How he ran his business is how he ran his business. We have had the building for sale for two years. Greg and I are getting older and we are ready to downsize. We had hoped it would be an event center, but that hasn't turned out to be so. It is bittersweet," said LeaAnn Saul.

All of the 2017 events booked have received a full refund for their deposit.

However, in the case of Tiffany Brustkern and her fiance, it's not the money that matters. Tiffany says she has been forced to settle on what is supposed to be the happiest day of her life.

 AEA 267 is set to take over the PIPAC Centre in January and plans to open their offices in July of next year.

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