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Coach Ferentz in the spotlight

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It's all eyes on the Iowa football program as USA Today addresses head coach Kirk Ferentz and his contract extension.

Ferentz took a hefty contract extension this year which will keep him in black and gold for another decade with a pay of $4.5 million a year.

The extension comes after the Hawkeyes completed a 12-0 season last year, giving fans high expectations for this season. 

"Coming off a big year, we got CJ back, we got you know a lot of the defense back and we had big expectations and we don't live up to them, natural disappointment naturally you know there's gotta be somebody to blame," says Jason Urdahl, a Hawkeye fan.

So far this season the Hawkeyes have lost three games, each of them at home.

"You know we still have four games in front of us right now," Kirk Ferentz said after their most recent loss.

USA today reports if Coach Ferentz were fired under his new contract he would be owed $25 million.

Iowa fans we spoke with this afternoon are in full support of the contract extension.

"It seems like we are always consistently above average even if it's like 8-4, 7-5 so I think over the long term it was a good idea," says Jonathan Langerue.

"To call the contract not good at this point would in my opinion be a bit of a knee jerk reaction, I think we have to base it off what Kirk has done with us over the past 10 years over you know his career with us," says Urdahl.

We reached out to speak with Iowa Athletic Director Gary Barta and were told he commented on the contract when it was signed and will not have further comments on it.

USA Today has also released their 2016 rankings of highest paid college football coaches.

Kirk Ferentz is number 11 on the list at $4.5 million a year, Michigan's Jim Harbaugh is number 1 making a little more than $9 million a year.

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