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Homeowner's surveillance camera catches thief in the act in Waterloo

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New surveillance video shows a man stealing surveillance cameras from a Waterloo home, while the homeowner was sitting right inside. 

After hearing about recent car break-ins and burglaries in downtown Waterloo and becoming a victim of a car break-in himself, Benjamin Hunt decided to take matters into his own hand. 

He installed surveillance cameras outside his home. But he didn't expect to catch a thief in the act. 

"My roommate was actually home sitting in the living room and we have a screen set up that we can see out here on the patio," said Hunt. 

The surveillance video shows the man walking right up to the security camera, revealing his face, then fumbling around with the camera before leaving it and walking away.

 "About three hours later he came back," said Hunt. "He sat out on the patio for a while.  It looks like he might have knocked on the window to see if anyone was home, and by this time my roommate was at work. Then he came back, sat down on the patio for a while, waited to see if anyone would come out, and then he went over and just cut the wires to the cameras and walked away."

The surveillance video shows the man walking up and cutting the wires to the security cameras. 

Hunt was able to get a close up shot of the thief, which he posted to social media asking for help identifying the thief. The post has been shared over a hundred times, and comments from others saying they've seen the same man around town. 

Waterloo Police are investigating. If you know this man, or have any information, please contact police. 

As for Hunt, he says he's glad he took matters into his own hands. 

"Well we were just tired of it," said Hunt. "And I wanted to know, I mean when you call police and make a report of something being stolen and you have no idea who stole it, they're not going to get very far."

If you have any information, please contact Waterloo Police. 

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