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Innocent Victim - Marshon's Road to Recovery

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Marshon Glover Junior, is an innocent victim. 

A year and a half ago, then 4-year-old Marshon was playing inside his Waterloo home. A stray bullet from a drive by shooting ripped throw the front siding, and into the house, lodging in Marshon's stomach.

His Mom, Essence, says, “Looking back on it now, I’m just blessed that he’s here today.”

Marshon is here today to run and play… and just be a 5 year old.

“He’s a happy kid. He’s very energetic, and loving, she says.”

18-month ago, then 4-year old Marshon spent almost a week in Unity Point Allen Hospital recovering from a gunshot wound.

A stray bullet, meant for someone else, in a Waterloo drive by shooting went through the front of this Mulberry Street home and lodged in Marshon’s stomach.

His Mom was at work that Thursday afternoon.

Essence adds, “When I got the phone call, so much was running through my mind. When my grandma told me he may have been shot, the first thing I thought was, is he okay? It broke my heart because I kind of felt like I wasn’t there to protect my son.” “We could have been planning a funeral”

Marshon’s grandmother, LaToya Godfrey,  remembers the agony of that day:  "We could have been planning a funeral. It was a shocking moment. Everything happened so fast. I do remember when I got in the ambulance, looking back and seeing him and he wasn’t moving."

Doctors removed the bullet during surgery. 

“Even though he might not have been the intended victim, he was a victim. He was an innocent child playing in the house. It should have never happened,”

 says LaToya.  

The shooting has created a difficult past 18-months for the family, Essence says.

“I used to think about it all the time. I’m sorry, cause I don’t like talking about it….it’s hard.”

A small stomach  scar is what remains of the bullet’s calling card. There appears to be no other physical damage to this innocent victim. But, there is damage—

Essence told kWWL: “He would ask me—Mommy, why did I get shot…or who shot me? And, that’s hard, because I don’t have answers for him. He does remember, cause he would tell me that he got shot in his stomach. He does remember."

The family has moved to a new place, but, even there, Marshon is apprehensive.

Essence—“He would ask me…will I get shot here, like the place that we stay at now, and I’d have to tell him, no baby, you’re safe.”

The family worries about the long term impact of the shooting.

Says LaToya, “I hope and pray that it doesn’t affect him in a bad way, but, like I said, the 4th of July, when the fireworks and loud noises, he was terrified. He covered his ears and ran off.” He wasn’t like that before, so, it has already affected him ”

And, Marshon has had nightmares

"He jumped out of his bed, and he’s crying, and he’s looking around like someone’s after him…

“There seems, at times, he is very withdrawn…that he’ll be in a his own little world… of on his own”

 Marshon started kindergarten this fall in the Waterloo School District. And, his teacher says Marshon is doing very well.

 Essence added, “I hope the person who shot Marshon would come forward. Or people who are withholding information I would like them to come forward and say something…I feel like the ones who know who shot him—they are just as guilty as the person who pulled the trigger.”

LaToya hopes someday, something good may come of Marshon’s stray bullet..

“Hopefully for him, that maybe one day he will have a voice, and be able to speak on what happened to him as a child, because, a lot people don’t make it, and , and here he is, running around playing, and he was a victim of being shot..” I do believe there is a purpose behind everything and that it will make him stronger.”

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