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Opposing team supports a player with autism

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Two high school football teams rally around a player with autism Friday night as he scored a touch down, all thanks to the opposing team.

Number 78, Aaron Dunn, scored his first touch down ever. Both Waverly-Shell Rock and Charles City, celebrating in his victory

Charles City High School wide receiver, Malik Knighten helped make this special moment possible.

"I grabbed number seven by the face mask and I looked over to the side lines and I see Aaron standing there and I say, "hey tell your coach to put Aaron in, we will let him score," said Knighten. "Seven stopped and said "what did you say?" And I said, "yeah tell him to put him in we will let him score". He said, "are you serious?" And I am like "yeah!"

He was serious and 78 went in and ran 43 yards, with both teams behind him, scoring his first touch down

"We go back on offense and number seven came up to me in tears and said you don't know how much that meant to me man," said Knighten.

People who were on the side lines say it was a beautiful moment, not only a special moment for Aaron, but special for both high school football teams.

Charles City was losing to Waverly-Shell Rock by more than 40 points, but Knighten insisted Aaron scored.

"I was just kind of like, hey let's let this kid score, like we don't have much else to lose and this could make this kid's night," said Knighten.

Turns out, it made many people's nights.

"I just want to thank him to be honest," said Knighten. "I know it feels like that we gave him a special moment, but he honestly gave us a special moment," said Knighten.

Aaron's mother says her son loves being part of the Waverly-Shell Rock team.

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