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Catholics weigh in on presidential race

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A lot of attention on Catholics at this point during the presidential race.

Dozens of catholic groups slamming Hillary Clinton's campaign after Wikileaks released a series of emails.

In those emails, you can read two high level campaign officials were using what religious officials call demeaning and troubling rhetoric to describe the Catholic faith.

With just two weeks until election day, people all over the country are weighing in on who will be the next president, including leaders within the Catholic Church.

"Most people aren't really happy with either candidate, which is unfortunate," said Father Jim Miller of the Church of the Nativity in Dubuque.

Father Miller says they'd like to see presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, focus more on the issues, unlike at a recent Catholic charity dinner.

One of the issues Catholics are more concerned with is right to life, Trump is pro-life, Clinton is pro-choice. In fact at the last debate, Trump blasted Clinton for supporting late-term abortions.

"I can't vote on just one issue, but that's a very important one. I wish the Democratic party was more pro-life and protect life. When they talk about doing late trimester abortions, I don't understand that," Miller said.

And for those who haven't made up their minds as to who to vote for, "I would say, first of all pray. To me it's not clear who to vote for. Sometimes what we can do is vote for our senators, our representatives and pray that they'll make a difference." he added.

Father Miller says he wishes the parties would do a better job of bringing forward good candidates to run for office. 

He also says we need to pray for whoever gets elected because no person will meet all of our needs.

The Catholic Church does not tell people how to vote in elections, but does want people to be informed and make good decisions.

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