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Body found in Plainfield may be Cloris Mehman

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A body found in eastern Iowa may be a woman who has been missing for nearly four months.

76-year-old, Cloris Mehmen, of Plainfield went missing in July and suffered from Alzheimer's. 

In the following days after her disappearance, search groups braved the summer heat as they searched for her across Bremer County.

Remains were found Wednesday near a home in the 14 hundred block of 120th Street, about half a mile from Mehmen's home.

The Bremer County Emergency Manger says an area farmer called 911 Wednesday around 1:30 p.m. when he found something unusual.         

"We were hoping that we would just find her somewhere, we weren't hoping for this outcome," said Linda Rosonke, a search party volunteer. 

Linda volunteered to help find Cloris Mehman. She was worried when she heard the report of a body was found and she had to see the area for herself.

"I always had that worry that I missed her in the field that I was searching in, but you know no body is perfect," said Rosonke.

Linda and many others searched many corn fields across eastern Iowa.

"The corn was very, very tall so you just put your hands ahead of you so it wouldn't scrape you in the eyes and of course it was green and very tall,
 said Rosonke. "We did the end rows and we went down each row straight and then as a team we would meet at the end, then you just started back again."

Linda was hopeful the outcome would be different, but she is happy with the efforts.

"I feel at peace knowing that everybody gave it their all and everybody did the best they could and and that's what you have to go with," Rosonke.

She says she hopes the Mehman family gets some closure.

"If I was in their case, I would think it was awesome that this many people cared enough," said Rosonke. 

Cloris's husband Art Mehman says everything is still up in the air while they wait for autopsy results.

The Bremer County Sheriff says autopsy results should be complete in a few days.

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