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Clarskville home still smoldering after overnight fire

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UPDATE: An overnight fire burned down a house in eastern Iowa, but the owner says he's thankful he was able to escape.

The fire happened in Butler County southwest of Clarksville on Quail Avenue, Monday around 1:00 a.m.

It took the fire just minutes to engulf the two story home. Hours later, smoke still filled the air, along with the smell of burnt wood and plastic.

"The smoke alarms are what woke me up," said homeowner Rex Ackerman. "I thought it was my alarm clock going off and it was actually the smoke detectors. You wake up and wonder what the noise is? Then you wonder what the smell is? Then it is pretty apparent what was going on and you rush to the bottom of a two-story old farm house like we own."

Ackerman was home alone at the time. He is thankful his wife was out of town and out of harms way; having to only get himself to safety.

"Nothing, but my boxers, which as embarrassing as that sounds, it is what it is. The neighbors brought me clothes to wear, so I can't even say I got out of the house with the clothes on my back because these are the neighbors. You know, 99% of everything in that house is replaceable. It is that 1% of one-of-a-kind family heirlooms that can not be replaced. This is our home and this is where we will probably rebuild," said Ackerman.

Ten hours after the fire started, flames were still visible among the rubble.

"I can't say enough how many smoke detectors a person should have, keep your batteries changed, and constantly monitor them. It saved my life," said Ackerman.

Fire Departments suggest people check their smoke detector batteries every Daylight Saving.

Although the home was an older farm house, Ackerman had rehabbed the house about 10 years ago, updating the wiring at the time.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.


A Clarksville home is still smoldering after an overnight fire. 

The home on Quail Avenue outside of Clarksville caught fire around 1 a.m. Monday.

The man who lived in the house, credits his smoke alarm with saving his life. The alarms woke him up and he was able to get out of the house.

The Clarksville Fire Chief says they arrived on scene within 15 minutes, but the home was already a total loss.

Fire crews were on scene for 5 hours trying to prevent the fire from spreading to nearby corn fields that had not yet been harvested.

The homeowner says they will rebuild.

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