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North Fayette Valley football fans

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North Fayette Valley is number one in the district and number one in the state, but their fans may be number one too.

North Fayette Valley taking on Union-La Porte City under lights. Their fans supporting them all the way.

Among the large crowd, a few special faces like the Jean & Jane Nuss who haven't missed a game in decades. High school sports playing a big role in their lives.

“Just in my blood,” said Jean Nuss.

“We like high school sports. That is one of the things we have enjoyed doing . We met at a high school softball game a long long time ago and we have been coming ever since,” said Jane Nuss.

Also in the crowd, the mother of twins playing their senior year. Her sons are part of 18 seniors making up the team.

“They have been together since 5th grade and always played hard. Probably until their sophomore season, they were undefeated. Tonight is a really big night for us,” said Tiffany Kuhens.

Because of the nerves, Kuhens chooses to sit on the hill near the end zone.

“It is easy for me to get up and pace around over here so that is what I'll do and I'll probably be doing that tonight too. . . along with a lot of cheering,” said Kuhens.

But you won't find every fan in the crowd, former principal Steve Story, for which the complex is named after, can be found in the press box keeping stats.

Story has been involved in the football programs for more than 50 years.

“Well, we got a good team most all the time. The community puts football first. No doubt about that. It is a football town,” said Story.

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