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Officer crudely poses with Clinton sign

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A social media post of an Oelwein reserve officer is drawing some attention. The picture shows a man with with his pants down, pointing a gun at a Hillary Clinton sign. 

The picture was posted to Facebook earlier this week.

In Oelwein, people are on both sides of the fence about the picture. Some see it as justified freedom of speech, while others say it's just taking it too far.

The Oelwein Daily Register is reporting the man in the photo as Oelwein Reserve Officer Jay Perkins.

The town of Oelwein is split on how they feel.  

"But I think it's kind of funny," said Oelwein resident Dustin Staley. "But I also think, if I would've done it, I would've been arrested for it. And probably charged as a sex offender because of the guidelines in this town."

Some in town, who knew him as a jokester back in high school are defending him. 

"I don't know, everyone has a right to an opinion," said Chris Baker. "Just expressing his opinion on how he feels about somebody."

Others in town disagree on the manner in which his opinion was expressed. 

"He is a public official," said Vickie Wendel. "He shouldn't be doing stuff like that. And actually a normal person shouldn't be doing stuff like that either."

His name and picture are still listed on the Oelwein Police Departments website. 

The Oelwein Police Department says they can neither confirm nor deny that this is one of their officers. 

KWWL did reach out to the Mayor of Oelwein and the Police Department on multiple occasions but have not heard back.

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