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Iowa deputies preparing for upcoming pipeline protests

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Another protest is drive up costs for the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office.

It's the latest county to get ready to pay deputies additional overtime. That's where protesters say they will attempt to stop construction on the pipeline this weekend.

Typically Calhoun County would only have one deputy on duty. Because of the protests, five others will be called in to work and another four will be on stand-by.

The sheriff says he feels caught in the middle of the fight between developers and his neighbors.

"Born and raised in Calhoun County, I worked for a lot of the farmers where the pipeline's going through when I was in high school," said Sheriff William Davis. "It's tense, it's very sensitive and I understand that, but I can't take sides. I'm here to keep the law and I'll do what I'm supposed to do."

Police have already arrested more than 100 protesters along the pipeline route in Iowa.

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