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Floods damage first-time homeowner's house, 2 weeks after moving in

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The water is long gone, but the damage the recent flooding caused still has some homeless.

Just two weeks after buying their first home, one Shell Rock family found themselves in a homeowner's nightmare.

They were left with a gaping hole in their home when a foundation wall collapsed into the basement.

"They were in the basement and they heard pop, pop, gush. They looked at each other and said, 'We got to get out of here,' and all of a sudden the bricks came down as the two boys were on the stairs," said homeowner Alexyss Fogt.

 The home is not in a FEMA flood area and is nearly a mile from the Shell Rock river. The family wasn't expecting water.

The damage has been overwhelming, especially with two young children. Fogt's 2-year-old saw the damage, "and afterwards she goes home to her Grandma and says, 'My house has an owie. It fell down. It has a hole.' It was very heartbreaking to hear a 2-year-old say that," said Fogt.

But after weeks of frustration and worry, Fogt is smiling again; grateful her prayers were answered.

Team Rubicon, a volunteer veterans organizations and others from the community spent Thursday digging out the basement.

"I say devastation because that is what it is. After they have had such a blow like this, we like to come in and help them get that smile back," said Tim Waynick a member of Team Rubicon from Illinois.

Fogt was smiling non-stop Thursday afternoon thanks to volunteers.

However, like many flood victims, there is still a long and expensive road ahead.

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