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Local haunted house weighs in on clown craze

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The clown craze doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon and now there's been an arrest in Iowa.

Jacob Steil, 18, was arrested in Urbandale on Tuesday after reports of a man wearing a clown mask and possibly chasing two people with a machete.

Officers later found a baseball bat and clown mask at the scene, which were apparently used in the alleged assault.

Just one of dozens of reports across the nation that have involved clowns.

It is a new trend, but clowns have been an iconic part of scaring people for decades.

Clowns have been a major scare factor at The Heart of Darkness in Waterloo for years.

But unlike the recent neighborhood sightings people are asking for the scares at The Heart of Darkness, even more than usual. The haunted attractions seeing an increase in numbers this year.

Ask owner Kevin Schults if the clown epidemic has helped business and you get this answer.

"I've heard about it. So, what we did is started sending people stand outside their windows at 3 a.m.; just stare in. It seems to have a positive effect on the area," jokes Schults.

No, it isn't a clever marketing scheme. Heart of Darkness does not promote the recent clown craze.

But as a veteran haunter, Schults has a few theories on why clowns are such an effective scare tactic.

"When you are dressing up in something that is totally different than being human, but you are trying to look overly happy, it starts messing with your emotional level and starts making you feel uneasy. Anything that is that crazy or weird looking makes you feel like it could also be threatening," said Schults.

The clowns in this haunt getting the best of KWWL report Jessica Hartman a time or two, but they certainly aren't the only scares in Heart of Darkness.

From zombies to Bloody Mary chasing after you, or scarecrows that come alive, there is a scare for everyone.

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