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Hogs run loose in neighborhood

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It was a case of who let the hogs out in one Eastern Iowa community Monday, with a handful of pot-bellied pigs on the loose. And they were quite the handful, leading Animal Control and Police in Waterloo on a tedious chase lasting several hours.

"She knocked on our door as we were sitting there watching TV and she said, 'There are pigs running around in your yard.' I was like, this can not be happening. That can't be true. But it was true and they were big potbelly pigs," said neighbor Vickie Aldridge.

Four potbelly pigs, to be exact, made their escape from a hole in the fence. They spent the afternoon eating their way through people's yards and doing their best to keep their new found freedom. 

"We all have the right to live here and pay our taxes here. Then to have pigs running through our yard. This is totally unacceptable with me," said Aldridge.

Animal Control says they have been working for about 6 months to get a warrant to get behind the home at 1320 Mulberry Street's privacy fence. From the road, poultry cages can be seen stacked high. Just one indication of what was behind the fence.

 "There were complaints about the smell," said Aldridge.

 The smell coming from another four pigs, dozens of chickens and other poultry, rabbits, and dogs which are all confined to the small backyard.

 Animal Control was in the middle of confiscating the other pigs when the owner arrived

 Animal Control Employee:  "Everything that is in your backyard, you are going to have 48 hours to remove or I will be back with a warrant and I will be taking everything."

Owner: "I was told I could have the pigeons."

 Animal Control Employee:  "Maybe the pigeons, but all the foul. . ."

Owner: "I just got the pigs yesterday on trade." . . . "Who broke my fence that they got out?"

Animal Control Employee: "Well, probably the pigs because they didn't have nose rings on or anything and they rooted underneath and got out. I've been chasing them for four hours."

The owner says the pigs were headed to his sister's farm very soon. Animal Control allowed him to load them up and take them there immediately.

Several city code violations at the home, the owner has 72 hours to get the illegal farm animals out of the city.

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