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Teal Pumpkins popping up in Cedar Rapids

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According to the Food Allergy Community of East Tennessee, 1/3 children have food allergies. With Halloween in a few weeks that may make Trick or Treating difficult. Some say the solution is teal pumpkins.

These teal pumpkins are part of the world wide Teal Pumpkin Project.

"You put these by your door and then people who have peanut allergies or any kind of allergies or are allergic to something in candy, then they know that the person that lives there is going to give them something different," said Dan Spoelstra, Flowerama Manager.

The organization's goal is to help create a safer and happier Halloween.

"People will know just because it's teal that they are giving away a gift rather than food," said Spoelstra.

One Cedar Rapids florist is selling them at his store, "I think there will be a few people that will ask questions about it, but I think that the people who have allergies already know about it and if they don't they will be very glad to hear about it," said Spoelstra.

With Halloween quickly approaching Spoelstra expects more people to come in and buy a pumpkin to paint teal.

He says placing the pumpkins outside your home can really help families while they are out on October 31.

"I have four grand kids and if my grandchild had this it would be wonderful to know that you can go up to that house and we don't have to worry about it," said Spoelstra.

To find out more about the Teal Pumpkin Project or to find out how to participate visit http://www.foodallergy.org/teal-pumpkin-project#.V_lyqskqZdA.

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