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Dog rescued off of dam in Maquoketa

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A dog is safe today after being rescued off of a dam in Maquoketa Thursday afternoon.

Some local residents had to use a boat to get out to the dog, who was there for at least two days, many who live nearby say.

Her name will either be River or Riverette--that's still being decided.

"The rescue turned out really good, so. Yeah, they took a leash and stuff like that, and just put it around the dog's neck. She growled, and was kinda scared, but that's not's common in the situation she was in," said Cora Sutton, manager of the Jackson County Humane Society.

Although she's safe today, you can tell the dog is still very scared.

"It puts them in a craze, you know. They're really scared. It's going to take them a while to trust a human again after the situation that happened to it. So, it's going to take a while to work with her," Sutton said.

No one knows for sure what happened to her, but Sutton and others believe she may have been dumped at the dam.

"It really upsets me and all the others workers that work here. How anyone could do that to an animal or any animal. If they do it to an animal, how do we know they won't do it to a kid," she wondered.

She says the dog recently had puppies as well, and worries that she might have been dumped after she nursed them.

Sutton says they'll work with the dog for the next ten days, get her medically ready, and then she'll be put up for adoption.

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