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Creepy clown sightings in Eastern Iowa have police on guard

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Alleged sightings of people dressed as clowns have been reported across Eastern Iowa over the past couple of days. The sightings have scared many after earlier reports of clowns in South Carolina, where clowns tried to lure kids into the woods. 

In at least a dozen states, people have been spotted wearing clown costumes and roaming in the night or in wooded areas.

Waterloo Police say there have been at least six recent clown sightings in Waterloo. In Cedar Falls, police say there are two confirmed sightings. 

Police say they have not gotten any reports of these clowns committing any crimes. For that reason, police don't believe the clowns, who are simply in costume, pose as a real threat. However, they will continue to take the sightings seriously as they are reported. 

Scanner traffic from Cedar Falls police overnight shows just how bizarre these sightings have been.

"Start heading for College and University. College street and University. The house that's kitty corner from the University property. Behind the house are several subjects...undressing. They appear to have been wearing clown costumes."

Reports of clowns popping up all across Eastern Iowa in the weary hours of the night that have many on edge.

"I'm constantly looking out my windows," said Kayla Kresk. "I have my blinds closed, my curtains closed. I have alarms on the doors. I have locks. I'm constantly locked up in the house."

Waterloo police have heard six separate reports of clown sightings across town. The reports all happened between 10:30 p.m. Monday night to 3 a.m. early Tuesday morning. 

One of the sightings happened at the McDonalds on LaPorte road. Employees say teenage girls dressed with clown masks ordered food through the drive through.

In Cedar Falls, there have been two clown sightings. One sighting was reported on the UNI campus. 

"I saw the hair flying, and they were walking at me at a pretty fast pace," said UNI student Taylor Gruber. "I got spooked and I ran."

To her horror, she found an abandoned clown mask as she ran home. 

"I saw the mask on the ground, and it freaked me out," said Gruber. "And I'm just like okay, somebody is just pulling a prank and they left it there."

Not everyone is laughing, some who are terrified of clowns asking why someone would do something like this. 

"I'm not sure just because they're getting a thrill out of hurting people, and seeing people scared, or what it is," said Kresk. "But its just not funny anymore. It needs to stop."

Cedar Falls police say their concern are now reports of clown hunters who are going after these clowns.They urge those who do see these clowns to not approach them. 

University of Iowa police have also confirmed two sightings of clowns on campus over the past two nights. Police say they are taking all reports seriously, and at this time there is no threat to the university campus or its students. 

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