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Haitian-Americans praying for loved ones in Haiti as Hurricane Matthew lands

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Jean Marie Descorbeth Jean Marie Descorbeth

The island of Haiti is getting slammed by Hurricane Matthew.

145-mile-per-hour winds, destroying homes and flooding neighborhoods in the southern coast of the country.

My uncle Jean Marie Descorbeth, who lives in Port-au-Prince tells me what they're dealing with. "I can open my window and see all the streets,  there are some heavy rains," he said.

It's worse in the south. "We have some parts of the country like the south, which is really terrible like some...some people lost their houses. They lost everything they have and they don't have any place to go," he added.

Many people still dealing with the effects of the devastating earthquake six years ago, and now this disaster.

"The rivers are taking away everything they have and the wind...the strong winds take away the roof of their houses, the animals and the plantations...you can imagine how bad it is," he said.

A bad situation for a country that can't seem to catch a break.

"It's a country that is always in danger. Every time it's hurricane season, there are  a lot victims. They need a lot of aid to prepare for these natural disasters that  happen all the time."

Phone calls to loved ones who are on the southern coast, not going through.

Many of us, just waiting, praying and seeing what else develops. 

Th storm striking Haiti during the worst time. The country is due to have their presidential election on Sunday.

At last word, it hasn't been cancelled. 

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