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Area police warn of ATM skimmers, nearly $30K stolen in Dubuque

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Area police say you have to take some extra precautions at the ATM machine. 

An ATM at the American Trust & Savings Bank on Locust Street in Dubuque was a hub for thieves. "We found that some fraudsters had placed an ATM skimmer on one of our on premise ATM machines," said Peggy Hudson, executive vice president of American Trust and Savings Bank. 

A skimmer device -- its job is to steal your card number and pin.

In this incident, nearly $30,000 was stolen from numerous accounts. "It seems that  they came and they placed the skimmer and then left it, and then came back later and then took it back...and in the mean time we had about 60 people who were affected by fraudulent ATM withdrawals from their accounts," Hudson said.

It didn't just happen in Dubuque. There are also reports out of East Dubuque at a Fidelity Bank ATM during the same time period, Labor Day Weekend.

In Cedar Rapids, police are warning people there too.

So, how do you spot an ATM skimmer? The device fits over the card reader. If it looks worn, wiggles, or feels sticky...walk away.

Experts say the number one tip when at an ATM, is to cover up the pin pad when taking out cash. This prevents a hidden camera from recording your pin.

Skimmers can also be found as gas pumps and card readers at stores or restaurants. Experts say it's safer to use the chip reader while shopping, instead of swiping your card. 

Police are advising people to monitor their account statements. If you see suspicious activity, contact them. 

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