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Red Cross help flood victims

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Resources were made available for those trying to clean up flooding damage in Benton County on Monday.

The Cedar River crested at nearly 22 feet last Monday in Vinton.

The Red Cross says the town of Vinton experienced a duel hit. A few months ago, the town was hit by a tornado and just a week ago, the town was hit by heavy flooding.

"A good number of individuals had either major damage, we have folks whose homes were destroyed and then also some that had minor damages as well," said Shana Beal, Red Cross.

Flood victims in the area are looking to the Red Cross for help. The Red Cross provided cleaning supplies and resources to help victims of the flood, victims like Debbie Blakley.

"We were under water for like seven days," said Debbie Blakley, Vinton.

Debbie and her family live along the Cedar River. She said after her home flooded in 2008, the family added on a second story to their home to prepare for any future flooding.

"We expect a flood every once in a while, but like after 2008 we'd never thought that it would get up in the house again," said Blakley. "This time, we were more prepared than last time, but it did get to our whole downstairs and everything." 

Debbie and her family were forced to use a boat to get to and from her home.

"It still went through the house, it's like we were on an island, trapped," said Blakley.

The Red Cross offered Debbie a grant. "I never dreamed that a dehumidifier cost two hundred bucks, are they crazy? That's nuts," said Blakley.

The Red Cross's grant will pay for the dehumidifier and will also cover the cost of a water pump, insulation and dry wall. Debbie says she is grateful for their help, "I mean I know they are always here for us, but this is just awesome."

For now, the family of five is staying on the top level of their home while they clean and dry out the bottom floor.

The Red Cross finished up in Vinton Monday, but they will be in two other cities later this week.

The Cedar Falls fire station number two will have flood clean up supplies available on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Red Cross will also be in Waverly on Thursday and Friday.

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