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'Creepy clowns' grow concerns in clown community

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As reports of clown sightings continue to grow, many are starting to become concerned. 

One group in particular, The Clown Community, the good clowns who are not roaming the streets terrifying people. 

"I've been working very hard to be a friendly clown," says Ivan Mendez, a part time clown. 

Mendez has been dressing as a clown part time for the past six years. His passion - making children laugh - is now overshadowed by reports of scary clowns on social media. 

"It's scary because the real reason is because I see some comments of people that want to kill clowns," says Mendez. 

On Friday, Facebook accounts with scary clown pictures send threatening messages to junior high students at Saint Joseph in Kansas City. 

Kansas City Police are currently investigating a report of a creepy clown emerging from the woods. 

Mendez and other clowns worry they will be targeted. 

"What happens if I'm driving my car and somebody decided to because they see the car, because they see a clown driving a car "oh it's a clown over here call the police" or something like that or they try to do something to me?"

Although Kansas City Police have not taken reports of scary clowns, people should pay attention to others actions and not what they are wearing. 

"I don't think you should stereotype clowns but if you see a clown that has some type of suspicious behavior and in a certain area that seems a little bit odd, by all means call us and we will come out and check it out," says Capt. Stacey Graves, Kansas City Police Department. 

"It's heartbreaking for someone who is really into clowning," says Dewy Bond, semi-professional clown.

Bond - or Wolly T Clown - works for Kansas City Clowns Alley Two, a club with around 40 clown members. 

Bond says scary clowns do not live by the clowning code of ethics. 

"I feel sad for you because you are destroying something that is good in this confused messed up world," says Bond. 

As for Mendez, he plans to continue to make people happy. 

"That reaction when they give it back to you is priceless, you know you take it home and you say, 'oh, I made somebody smile today.'"

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