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Police caution public about ATM skimmer devices

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The Cedar Rapids Police Department would like to alert the public to be cautious of electronic skimming devices on automated teller machines (ATM) in the Cedar Rapids area. Police have received reports from local banks and credit unions that have experienced a rise in fraud caused by ATM skimmers. 

Suspects are using electronic skimming devices that are placed on the outside of the ATM's at the card reader and/or on the key pads. 

Some suspects are also using cameras attached to the keypad or near the keypad to capture customers' personal identification number (PIN). 

Once the card information and PIN is acquired, criminals have access to a victim's bank account and can begin withdrawing money. 

The Cedar Rapids Police Department offers the following advice to prevent becoming a victim of this fraud:

•    Become familiar with the ATM that you use.  Take notice of any unusual or loose attachments near the card reader or keypad.
•    Conceal the keypad when entering your PIN.  Make sure no one is near you when entering your PIN.
•    Monitor your bank account closely for unauthorized activity, including unauthorized withdrawals or charges.  Contact your financial institution immediately if you notice suspicious activity in your bank account.  Also, contact the Police Department to report fraudulent activity on your account.
•    Call the Police Department if you believe that an ATM has been tampered with so that the skimming devices can be processed by investigators. 

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