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Mother of teen paid extra money in lawsuit to keep quiet about assault by Waterloo Police Officers speaking

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New details in one of three settlements between victims and the Waterloo Police Department.

Malcolm Anderson, 17 at the time, was slammed to the ground outside the hospital and left there bleeding.  Anderson was assaulted after bringing a stranger he found stabbed in a city park to the hospital.

In a settlement, the city of Waterloo paid Anderson $95,000 for the suit and an extra $5,000 to keep quiet.

KWWL's Jessica Hartman speaking with Malcolm Anderson's mother for the first time since the 2014 incident.

She is opening up on the heels of the three lawsuits the city settled coming to light last month and then sources confirming Chief Trelka was asked to resign.

At a recent city council meeting Mayor Hart saying Chief Trelka would be staying. The public comments that followed included a fiery response from Anderson's mother. 

"I get to the hospital and my son's blood is all over the sidewalk. I asked the police, 'What happened to my son?' Now you guys paid my son $5,000 to be quiet, but you didn't pay me," Andrea Anderson said at the city council meeting.

This week in a one-on-one interview Andrea Anderson expanded on assault, settlement, and the apparent current divide in the city.

"They said that he was resisting. He never moved. I saw the video," said Anderson referring to video taken by a freelance videographer at the scene.

"Injustice is injustice and you can't put a price tag on doing that to somebody. No amount of money changes how people feel and what you have done to them emotionally and mentally, that doesn't change," said Anderson.

Anderson says her problem isn't with the entire department, but the officers who have had repeat offenses.

"You know that these officers, certain ones have had incidents, it is not a good look or faith in you as a chief when you are allowing these officers to continue with same behavior without reprimand. That is where I have a problem. Not with the chief personally, but some of his decisions I have an issue with," said Anderson.

The police department has been criticized for the lack of diversity with only two of the nearly 125 officers being black.

"I would like to see more minority officers. That would maybe make a difference," said Anderson.

"Would you encourage any of your children to join the police department?" asked KWWL's Jessica Hartman.

"No, absolutely not. Absolutely not. Not with what I see here. Not in this city," replied Anderson.

Chief Trelka declined to comment on the lawsuit, but said he was excited for what the future holds for Waterloo.

The chief addressed city council this week saying among other things he is working to change the mindset of the officers.

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