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Cedar Rapids business narrowly escapes flood, credits hesco barriers

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A Cedar Rapids business credits a hesco barrier wall for narrowly avoiding flood water this week.

Flood water built up inside a few Newbo area businesses on one side of a hesco barrier wall, while keeping the majority of Newbo dry.

As for the businesses on the side of the wall that received significant water, City Manager Jeff Pomeranz says they had no choice but the put the wall where they did.

"The only way to have a chance of saving an entire area and entire neighborhood was to place those barriers where we did," Pomeranz said in a Thursday morning news conference.

 Brad Danielson, Co-Owner of Brewhemia tells me he was expecting significant water but instead the business has just minimal water in it's basement.

"I thought we'd have 4 feet of water in here, I thought we'd be down for 6,8 months, we had just moved in here and I was heartbroken,"  Danielson says.

He tells us, when he saw the hesco barriers going up, he began to have hope.

"I actually had hope I was like we are gonna survive this," he says.

While there is a lot of unpacking to do before they re-open, Danielson says the hesco barrier wall saved them.

"It was a God-send, it was a prayer answered, dodged a bullet," he told us.

"It's too bad but the city will support them," Danielson says in regards to his neighbors on the other side of the wall who received flood water.

Danielson says he expects to be back in business soon and when city leaders stop in for coffee, "I'll see them and they're gonna get my thanks," he told us.

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