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City of Olin dealing with flooding from Wapsi river

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The Wapsi River is starting to cause problems in the small town of Olin in Jones County.

One woman is forced to canoe to her home because it's surrounded by water.

Many other streets in the town are submerged, and many are pumping water out of basements.

Sadly, many say this is nothing new.

"We got the routine, okay we know the water's coming up, move everything up, move everything to higher ground. And then wait for the water to rise, and go back down," said Linda Petersen, who has called Olin her home for most of her life.

That familiarity doesn't make it any easier, though.

"It breaks my heart to have to throw out my daughter's stuff, because she gets upset, but it's been flooded, there's no saving that kinda stuff," Petersen said.

Meanwhile, many farmers in the area dealing with flooding as well.

Our pasture is gone, which we'll probably never get back into. The new seeding...hopefully it hangs on," Shirley Davis said.

She says nearly 400 acres of land have some amount of water on it, and won't know for sometime if she'll be able to salvage any of her crop.

"You never know what mother nature's going to throw at you. Yeah, it's sorta sad, but there's other people in the same boat," she said.

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