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Waterloo homeowners start flood clean-up

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As the water in the Cedar River continues to recede in certain parts of Eastern Iowa, neighbors in Waterloo are starting to deal with the damage. 

One family in Waterloo is displaced from their home after their home flooded. They are taking temporary shelter in a rental home, as they start a long list of repairs.  

Katy Hackett and her family have now lived through two floods after they lived on San Souci during the floods of 2008. Now, they're dealing with the uphill battle that is flood clean-up.

"We're going to have to tear out carpets, to tear out tile, drywall, electrical, some heating and cooling, we'll need a new furnace, an air conditioner, some doors," said Hackett. 

Their home in Waterloo was submerged in water just a few days ago. Now, they're left with mud covering their driveway and the entire floor of their home.

What used to be tan carpeting on the interior of their home, now brown from all the mud and water. 

"Wednesday my husband came in and said I think we might be in trouble," said Hackett. "I said don't tell me things like that at midnight. So I got up Thursday morning and had my eye on it. And when it hit 22.5 ft, I knew we were in a little bit of trouble. And so I, with my way of not dealing with it, went to Janesville and helped sandbag, and then went up to Waverly and helped a lady move her stuff up to the main level. At 1 p.m. I finally came home and said I have to deal with it."

Her family along with friends, worked to box everything up and empty it out of the house. 

"I think I kind of walked around kind of numb, while they just took control and boxed everything out," said Hackett. 

Just thinking about the panic before the flood waters hit, brings back a rush of emotions for Hackett. 

"Just that sorrow, and that realization of the loss," said  Hackett. "You know, of what we lost, and I kinda let it defeat me the first couple of days. And I watched their reactions." 

Hackett says she's staying strong for her kids, who've grown up right along the river. 

She says even after both floods, she wouldn't live anywhere else, except along the river. 

"They fish all day and they ski, tube, and go up to the beach," said Hackett. "It's just a different lifestyle, you know. And people ask me why do it again? The memories that you make are worth it."

Hackett says they will just have to take the clean-up step by step. 

"If I survived 2008, this is survivable," said Hackett. "This house survived 2008. And it was four feet higher."

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