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Man's home floods, mower vandalized

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A Cedar Falls man is pushed from his home this week as the Cedar River banks swell.

And, if it wasn't bad enough, he's served a second blow.

Throughout the week we've report stories of Iowans helping Iowans, neighbors helping neighbors, and strangers helping strangers.

But this is a different story.

As the Cedar River flows through homes, consuming everything in its path, Adrian Miller of Cedar Falls tries to escape with what little he can, including his lawn mower.

"I just barely got it out because of the rising flood water, and I parked it over here on the bridge, put it in gear, and thought it would be safe, and I never thougtht there would be any trouble," Miller said.

Adrian says he left his lawnmower at the top of the hill, and when he returned in the morning, it was down here in the Cedar River.

"It's especially heartbreaking, because I took really good care of that mower, and I think it's one of the best mowers ever made, and to have someone just maliciously do that is just beyond me," Miller said.

Adrian said he's not sure why someone would try to kick him when he's down, but now he's trying to keep his head high.

"It's a good place to live. This is kind of a blow. I don't have the means to buy another one," Miller said.

Adrian said he plans to remove his mower from the Cedar River once the water recedes, but after that, he's not sure what's next.

Miller said he did file a police report, and if you have any information, please contact your local authorities.

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