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Cedar Falls prepares for near-record flooding

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Cedar Falls is preparing for near-record flooding, as the Cedar River is expected to crest in Cedar Falls on Saturday afternoon. 

The Cedar River continues to rise, and fast.

The Cedar River is currently sitting at 94.9 feet, which already puts Cedar Falls in a major flooding stage.

The river is expected to crest tomorrow at 100.8 feet. In 2008, the record level was 102.10 feet. 

Mayor Brown has not called any evacuations as of yet, but he says it's a possibility everyone should be prepared for. He says he's taking precautions seriously, gearing full force into flood preparations. 

Cedar Falls started installing floodgates this morning along the Cedar River. The city also continued to prepare sandbags to stack up against the river. 

Around town, there are already multiple flooded locations.  Multiple parks and neighborhoods are completely flooded. 

Water is rising up on the Island Park Beach House. In 2008, the Beach House was a complete loss. It was a piece of the community that was washed away from the floods of 2008 and just recently had its grand-opening. When the Beach House was rebuilt,  floodgates were installed to prevent a lot of the flood damage seen in 2008. 

Homes along Cottage Row road were completely flooded this morning. Many Cedar Falls residents came back to their homes, only to find themselves unable to even get in their neighborhood, because of the extreme flooding. 

Cedar Falls resident Tom Buysee left his house last night, and when he came back this morning, he was unable to get in because of the flooding.

"Because I have a three year old, I was afraid I would get trapped in," said Cedar Falls resident Tom Buysee. "And I was right. If I would be down there right now, I'd be there until this was over. "I couldn't already believe that it had come up so fast. So quick and so through. All the way back here."

Some even taking the risk, walking into flood waters to check on their loved ones. One man walked into flood waters to check on his parents, who he said were okay because they live on elevated land. 

"All I would say is don't even attempt it," said Buysee. "Because right here it's going to be the shallowest. Once you cross the bridge it gets real deep. You just couldn't make."

Sand and sand bagging stations for Northern Cedar Falls residents have been located at 2806 Center Street, the corner of Lincoln St. & Leversee Rd, and at the Ice House Museum.

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