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Robert Stern found guilty for murdering his daughter

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UPDATE: The jury in the Robert Stern trial reaches a verdict.

"We the jury find defendant Robert Stern guilty of murder in the first degree," Judge Micheal Shubatt said as he read the verdict. 

Guilty for killing his own daughter. 

During the week long trial, prosecutors said he shot 27-year-old Kimberly multiple times. It happened at a home they shared.

During closing arguments, they said he was tired of caring for her, she was a burden because she had Autism.

The defense disagreed.

Ultimately, the jury of three women and nine men side with the prosecution making their decision after about two hours of deliberations, which started Monday.

Not much of a reaction from Stern once he found out his fate.

Soon after, Judge Shubatt mentions Stern can file motions for a new trial or arrest in judgment. He'll have 45 days to do so.

Deputies then chain him up and take him away. 

Sentencing is scheduled for November 7th. People convicted of first-degree murder face mandatory life in prison. 

Our coverage partners the Telegraph Herald spoke with Kimberly's aunt, Maria Lockhart. She is pleased with the outcome, saying Robert Stern "took something that was so precious."



A Dubuque jury has found Robert Stern guilty of murdering his daughter.  The 63-year-old was accused of shooting his daughter with three different guns in their home back in June.

The prosecution argued Stern's daughter was a burden because she was autistic. They say that's why he killed her. 

The defense claims Stern was overwhelmed: his wife and son had died the year before, and earlier in 2015 he was diagnosed with cancer, among other physical ailments.

His sentencing is set for November 7th.

KWWL was in the courtroom when the verdict was read. We will have reaction tonight on the 5:00 and 6:00 news. 

KWWL's Shirley Descorbeth contributed to this report.

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