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Congregation and community show support for Chief Trelka

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The support for Waterloo Police Chief Dan Trelka is flooding social media, but it goes beyond Facebook and into the church.

Chief Trelka planned to bring the community together, inviting them to attend his church for a Sunday School Service over a month ago, before he knew anything about the resignation.

Sunday's event was held one week after the Des Moines Register editorial called for the Department of Justice to step in and a few days after the chief is asked to step down

"We are praying for God's intervention in this situation because I do believe, in all of my knowledge of him, that he has been a definite asset to the city," said Reverend Marvin Jenkins, Union Missionary Baptist Church.

Member's of Chief Trelka's congregation, also praying for him.

"We are praying that he stays, you know God has a way of working everything out and I am just praying," said Gloria Hence, Waterloo.

Chief Dan Trelka's wife says it's been a long week, but that didn't stop the police chief from going to the event that he planned over a month ago at the Union Missionary Baptist Church.

"About a little over a month ago he had stopped in for a Sunday School lesson by himself and enjoyed himself and asked if we'd mind, in the near future, if he brought some guests with him, he thought they would enjoy it," said Rev. Jenkins.

After learning that Chief Trelka was asked to step down many community members rallied behind him in support.

"I was just devastated when I heard the news, I don't know if he actually stepped down yet, but I heard that it was pending and I am really sad about it because I think that he does a great job," said Hence. "I don't see anything that he could be blamed for in his situation, I think he is doing a great job, I am sorry if he steps down, because I don't think anybody else can fill those shoes."

Others in church and all over Waterloo are showing their support for Chief Trelka.

"Dan Trelka has served our community and I think he's done a great job, you know I really do," said Hence. "Anybody that wants to argue that point we can argue about it all day long, but I think he has done a great job and I think it would be a big loss to Waterloo if he stepped down."

Rev. Jenkins says he stands behind Chief Trelka. Others in Waterloo also supporting the chief. Many of those supporters will be attending the Town Council Meeting Monday night at 5:30 p.m.

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