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Neighbor saves dog from burning home

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A Waterloo woman and her dog were forced out of their home after it caught on fire Friday night. The mobile home is located in the three thousand block of Quigby Road in South View Estates.

Neighbors say they believe the woman was asleep when her home caught fire.

"It sounded like she had fallen asleep with a lit cigarette and she was laying on a hide-a-bed, it caught on fire around her and the dog woke her up," said Kyrie Youde, Waterloo.

The homeowner got out of the burning home safely, but her dog was left inside. Two neighbors say they went into the burning home and rescued the dog.
The men describe the dog as being limp, but it did have a heart beat.

Fire crews gave the dog oxygen on the scene and transported the dog to the vet.

Minutes after Joe Youde saved the dog he told KWWL,"I mean that is all that lady has and she really loves that dog, so I really wanted to save that dog for that lady."

Joe's wife Kyrie recalls what she was feeling as her husband jumped into hero mode to help their neighbor, "All I could think of was, am I going to not have a husband? Is he in that home? You know, you always here horror stories about fires and the hero that tries to save people and I was just like is this really happening right now?"

The homeowner, returned to her home hours after it caught fire where she pulled a photo from the rubble. Neighbors watched as she stared at her destroyed home. After she walked over to them, thanking them again for their help.

"She did come over probably around 1 a.m. after it had all settled down and she thanked Joe and gave him a hug," said Kyrie.

Everyone is safe, but Waterloo firefighters say the home is a total loss.

Firefighters also say nobody was hurt, but they say the flames melted the skirting of a nearby home.

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