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Sources: Waterloo Police Chief to resign

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Sources tell KWWL Dan Trelka is out as Waterloo's Police Chief by the end of the year.

KWWL was told Chief Trelka was emotional as he informed some officers and staff members this morning that he's been asked to step down.

A six year career with the Waterloo Police department coming to an abrupt halt. 

The spotlight has been on the Waterloo Police Department in recent weeks after a series of developments. Trelka, who sits at the top of Waterloo's law enforcement is now in the midst of a firestorm against his officers.

A number of allegations surfaced within the past few months against the department.

Starting in August, a police settlement shows video from 2013, where an officer knees the victim in the groin.

That same month, a suspect being re-tried for murder was found not guilty. During the trial, a Waterloo officer testified he made insensitive remarks at the murder scene. Within the same trial, the Waterloo department was criticized for how it handled the investigation. 

Later in August, a settlement was reached with a teenager who was thrown to the ground by an officer during an arrest in 2014. The teenager was paid out $5,000 to keep quiet.

Just earlier this month, video released from an incident earlier in 2016,  shows an officer verbally and physically assaulting a suspect after a chase. 

All of these events lead to an editorial in the Des Moines Register criticizing the department. The editorial asked the U.S.Department of Justice to step in and restore faith in the police force.

Sources say his last day will be in December.

KWWL spoke with Chief Trelka multiple times this morning. He said he could not comment on the situation.

However, some community members are speaking out.

"I think he has done a great job. He has been in the community. So they can't say he hasn't been in the community. My question is to the community, has the community worked with him? And the answer is hell no!" said Leon Mosley, a Waterloo resident.

"A shock to everybody, to the community; certainly to my colleagues in ministry. Still trying to process that information with everyone else," said First Baptist Church's Rev. Joe Greemore.

Greemore went on to say, "There is an entire culture that needs to be shifted. This is a band-aid."

Jessica Hartman contributed to this report.

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