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Flash flooding in Protivin.

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Protivin took the brunt of Friday's storm with flood water soaking much of the small community.

Many of the businesses and homes in Protivin built in low areas.

With the ground already saturated, there is nowhere for the water to go.

The Protivin Meat Locker is one of the buildings that stands in the water's path.

"Got the stuff off the floor and the lower areas this morning right away. They didn't talk much rain, but when you look at the radar and it shows red, and you start seeing the creek come up, you have to be ready," said Locker employee and volunteer firefighter Greg Shimek.

And ready they were.

The volunteer fire department sand bagged as many businesses and homes as they could before the flash flooding hit.

"The water was up to that red truck; about where your vehicle is. Two weeks ago it was up to the front door on City Hall. There was a foot of water here on main street. We had about 3 inches of water on the front of the station," said Protivin Fire Chief Brad Moudry.

Protivin was hit hard like many towns during the August floods. The firefighters used what they learned then to combat this storm.

"Even like out at Fencl Bulk Plant, they have a bunch of LP tanks that were floating around last time. This time, they got them all cabled and tied down. So at least that way if they float around . . .They are empty, but still they start floating down river. They are harder to catch down river than if we can keep them corralled up where they are now," said Moudry.

The volunteer fire department of about 20 men were able to prevent any damage or injury during Friday's flash flood.

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