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High School students learn about September 11th

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Sunday September 11 marks fifteen years since the terrorist attack of 9/11.

To Americans, this is the day no one will ever forget, but to some, they weren't alive yet to know the tragedy. Eastern Iowa educators are making sure to teach younger generations about this fateful day.

Many students today were not old enough to remember the attack and are learning it now from history books.

History teacher, Tom Yuska uses old news videos to teach his students about September 11. In 2001, Mr. Yuska and his history class watched the same video as it happened, his class from then and now are full of questions.

"Mr. Yuska, he watched the second plane hit, everybody asked him what happened and he said I don't think the first plane was an accident, someone planned this and I can only imagine if I was in one of those seats, my jaw would have been on the desk," said Taylor Freet, high school freshman.

After watching the video, students say they couldn't believe that it happened.

"Honestly, how tragic it was. Like today in class, Mr. Yuska said that there was one guy who thought it was just like a dream, like he was just dreaming it, like he couldn't believe it and when I heard about it I couldn't and probably other kids in the future wouldn't either," said Brandon Heim, high school freshman.

The history teacher uses old videos and newspaper articles to teach his students. He says even though most of his students weren't born, they have some knowledge of what happened that day.

"Seniors were two or three, the freshman some were born some weren't and so it's a big stretch right now with our ninth through twelfth graders, the difference of how much they know and remember," said Yuska.

Yuska says teaching his students about 9/11 today is totally different than it was ten years ago, since now none of his students were alive to witness it.

The Waterloo West High School AFROTC will remember 9/11 on Monday by holding a flag out front of the school.

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