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The Mark Farley Interview

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    Get the latest news and sports information about the University of Northern Iowa Panthers sports teams, including football, basketball, volleyball, baseball and softball.More >>
    Get the latest news and sports information about the University of Northern Iowa Panthers sports teams, including football, basketball, volleyball, baseball and softball.More >>

Rick "Hello welcome to the Mark Farley interview, I'm here with head coach Mark Farley, The Panthers a big win this weekend 25-20 at Iowa State and coach it was a beautifully played game by your team...your team outplayed them you kind of out coached them and then out executed them it was a clean game for the Panthers only one turnover and 5 penalties."

Mark "I thought that was key, how we prepared during the three day camp was critical in how we played. We put a lot of effort into time preparing as players as much as coaches and I thought the players did a great job of executing the plan.

Rick " I was there and I thought it was a great atmosphere--Jack Trice Stadium it was a celebratory atmosphere new coach Matt Campbell coming in but basically you guys went in there focused and executed..."

Mark " We thought they'd be excited early---and we just felt in a game like that Iowa State or anybody --you really have to sustain your play all the way into the fourth quarter--you have to make plays in the fourth quarter and get stronger as the game went on and we did that."

Rick "And that is what the Panthers did especially on the defensive side---the defense looked fresh throughout the game--star players like Jared Farley who came up with a critical interception at the end. Karter Schult he came up with 2 sacks twenty yards lost. Lot of stars throughout that game."

Mark "There were stars and there were some unknowns who came thru like Jeveyon Browning who stepped in at running back who two running backs cramped up I thought that was big in the football game and Charles Brown stepped up as a corner for us after moving from receiver. Besides the guys you expect to make plays there are others that step forward."

Rick "Different kind of challenge this week--Montana coming in 14th ranked team in the country...Beat St. Francis last week

41-31 that is a deceptive score because the Montana defense played very well."

Mark " Well Montana--"UNI we all know who Montana is they have taken us out of the playoffs four times--so we have always had to travel there.

This is one chance now that they come here and our fans can support us."

Rick " And their quarterback is 6'7" have you ever faced a quarterback that big before? And he is a good player--last year he played 7 games--threw for 434 yards in the win over North Dakota State."

Mark "Yeah, He is an excellent quarterback --gets the ball out on time--doesn't take many sacks so we will definitely be challenged in our secondary as well as our pass rush this week."

Rick "One thing you did last week held Iowa State to 51 yards rushing for the Cyclones even with Mike Warren on of the nation's top tailbacks--how can you stop their running game."

Mark "Well we are going to have to even though they are basically a passing team--you don't want them to get plays in the running game to keep the chains moving--you want to make them one dimensional and then we have to do a good job in the secondary of tackling in the open field--we have to get him out of bounds."

Mark "They are a good football team we are a good football team. We have to play our game and the dome has to be some type of factor to play at home that is where you need to have some kind of factor from the home field."

Rick "I'm wearing purple today I know the coach bleeds purple--we are both purple clad for the Panthers big game this weekend against Montana--starts at 4 o'clock kickoff..Coach Good Luck---Thank You....

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