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President Lincoln comes to Eastern Iowa

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Students of West Delaware Middle School got the pleasure of meeting the 16th President of The United States today.

Eighth graders heard President Abraham Lincoln's most famous speech, "The Gettysburg Address," from Lincoln himself.

Lincoln impersonator, Fritz Klein, taught the students about history and even about today's politics.

"When Lincoln was nominated people were shocked, they said that buffoon from Illinois, he's unqualified, did you hear the stuff he said? It's volatile, it's insane, he's never had any school, he's never had an executive position, he doesn't know anything about politic," said Fritz Klein, Lincoln impersonator. "Am I talking about Trump or Lincoln? Lincoln. It sounds like Trump though doesn't it?"

Klein taught the students a valuable lesson.

"Don't judge a book by its cover, whether it's Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump that you favor, look at the issues, look at other things besides she's a jerk, he's a jerk, that's what people tend to do," said Klein.

Students were interested in everything President Lincoln and Klein had to say, as he jumped in and out of character.

"I actually was so focused when he did that it actually kind of made me feel a little sad too," said Kross Underwood, eighth grader.

"The way he can draw your attention to the front even when you're not paying attention," said Ian Rogers, eighth grader.

Klein started his life as Lincoln more than 40 years ago when he was casted in a play, he says since then, the role stuck and he has played him ever since.

Klein says he does more than just history lessons, he plays Lincoln in plays and movies.

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