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Woman wants change after golf ball hits windshield

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A Waterloo woman is demanding she wants changes made after a golf ball hits and damages her car. 

"Just driving and out of nowhere it was like a ball, a bird or something flew into my window," said Ladonna Banks."I just slammed on my brakes and threw my hands up."

A golf ball slammed into Ladonna Banks' windshield while she was driving down Ansborough Avenue in Waterloo. Her eight-year-old was sitting right in the back seat.

"Somebody just shooting at us, because it just happened that fast," said Banks.

Driving along Ansborough avenue in Waterloo, one can see the Irv Warren Memorial golf course.  

"I want to know why there's not a sign there," said Banks. "Because if there was a sign there, I wouldn't have driven down the street."

The only signs along Ansborough avenue are the ones on the poles that say "No parking on this side." 

"I'm pretty sure a lot of people would avoid this street if there was a sign there saying "you're at risk," said Banks.

Banks wants a sign and the golf course to pay up the $500 in damage on her windshield.

The director for the city of Waterloo Leisure Services, who oversees the golf course, says it's the golfers responsibility.

"They should know that it's a national standard that a golfer is responsible for his or her actions on the golf course," said Paul Huting. "And any damage that would occur from an errant ball." 

Golfers say it's common knowledge that you run the risk when you play the game. 

"Well, if it's a golfers responsibility, if he hits the ball of the course, and hits a car, it's his responsibility to pay for the damage," said golfer Dennis Moore. 

Banks says no golfer has come forward to claim responsibility. Police told Banks she can't file a report because it was not a criminal act. 

"It's quite evident that as you drive by, it's a golf course," said Huting. "It's been there for well over eighty years so basically it's self evident that there's a golf course and that people are playing, and balls flying. 

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