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Libertarian Gary Johnson Campaigns in Des Moines

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Governor Gary Johnson stops in Des Moines this weekend to campaign at Grandview University.

“We actually represent most Americans, fiscally conservative, socially inclusive, and skeptical when it comes to our military interventions” said Johnson.

The Libertarian candidate's main talking points included having what he called an “invincible national defense”, but one that was not the world’s police force; a stance that hit home with Andrew Jensen.

“I’m a veteran myself, I served overseas, and it was rough; being over there and knowing that we weren’t really over there to do anything but change their government” said Jensen.

Johnson says that in today’s age of political divisiveness, he wants to be the person who can get things done.

(Information from this article was provided by Ben Oldach's report of WHO-TV in Des Moines...)

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